2d animation

Hi, I've recently started using pylab, and its not clear

    > to me how to do a 2d animation.

    > If I have a 3d numeric array (eg
    > arr=RandomArray.randint(0,127,(100,256,256))) how can I
    > display arr[0], then arr[1], then...

    > The way I've tried seems to slow down as I progress,
    > suggesting that its drawing all previous arrays before
    > drawing the current one.

Have you looked at the animation examples that come with the
matplotlib distribution?

matplotlib/examples> ls *anim* dynamic_* sys*
animation_blit_fltk.py anim.py dynamic_image_gtkagg.py
animation_blit.py anim_tk.py dynamic_image_wxagg2.py
animation_blit_tk.py dynamic_demo.py dynamic_image_wxagg.py
animation_blit_wx.py dynamic_demo_wx.py system_monitor.py

<Have you looked at the animation examples that come with the
<matplotlib distribution?
<matplotlib/examples> ls *anim* dynamic_* sys*
<animation_blit_fltk.py anim.py dynamic_image_gtkagg.py
<animation_blit.py anim_tk.py dynamic_image_wxagg2.py
<animation_blit_tk.py dynamic_demo.py dynamic_image_wxagg.py
<animation_blit_wx.py dynamic_demo_wx.py system_monitor.py
Thanks... should have though of checking for an examples directory. The
dynamic_image_gtkagg.py is an example of what I want. However, it seems
to be a bit flickery - is there any way of double buffering or similar so
that the flicker won't be obvious?