0.85 breaks rcParams[tick.minor.pad]

John Hunter <jdhunter@...4...> writes:

    >> To just make clear, the tick.* properties in rc have now been
    >> replaced by xtick.* and ytick.*. If you don't update your rc
    >> file, you'll get lots of warnings when you start matplotlib.

    > On a related note, how about allowing multiple groups when
    > calling matplotlib.rc? Now we need to do something like

    > rc('xtick', **{'major.pad': 2.0, 'major.size': 2.0,
    > 'labelsize': 6.0}) rc('ytick', **{'major.pad': 2.0,
    > 'major.size': 2.0, 'labelsize': 6.0})

    > which is a bit of a nuisance compared to just calling rc
    > for 'tick'. Perhaps next someone wants to set the
    > properties separately for all four borders of the axes, and
    > then we need four calls?

    > (Also, aliases for the names with dots would be nice, so
    > the key=value notation could be used in the call.)

    > The following patch allows calling rc like

    > rc(('xtick','ytick'), ...)

Thanks Jouni,

I just applied this to CVS. A minor nit. matplotlib tests for
strings with the is_string_like function which is a bit more robust
than testing for isinstance. Normally, one grabs this from
matplotlib.cbook, but since you patch is for __init__.py, I just did a
cut-and-paste job to put it there as well.