ZeroDivisionError when drawing axis

I do not get this error running the matplotlib
examples/ with matplotlib CVS

peds-pc311:~/python/projects/matplotlib/examples> python --verbose-helpful
matplotlib data path /usr/share/matplotlib
loaded rc file /home/jdhunter/.matplotlibrc
matplotlib version 0.81alpha
verbose.level helpful
interactive is False
platform is linux2
numerix Numeric 24.0b2
font search path ['/usr/share/matplotlib']
loaded ttfcache file /home/jdhunter/.ttffont.cache
backend GTKAgg version 2.4.1
Traceback (most recent call last):

My best guess is that your Numeric version 23.1, is too old. Could
you upgrade Numeric and try again?



On Friday 03 June 2005 00:31, John Hunter wrote:

    >> A freestanding script which exposes the bug, as well as the
    >> output when you run it on your system with --verbose-helpful,
    >> would be most helpful to us in tracking down this bug.
    > OK, here you are : I just ran the from
    > the examples directory as follows:

    > $ python --verbose-helpful >&
    > contour.log

    > You'll find the contour.log file attached to this mail.

    > I'm afraid I'll have to leave you, as it's quite late
    > here in France...