Yet another toolbar replacement for Matplotlib


I’ve made a lib to replace the default Matplotlib toolbar, it looks like this:

It replaces the pan/zoom button with wheels and handles, using new subplot2grid API of matplotlib 1.0.1.
The reason behind that change is that people I’m currently writing my application for can hardly handle
anything that doesn’t look like their 50-years-old potentiostat. Also, I needed some custom event code to
interact with the figure (typically to mark a part of the graph), and enabling/disabling pan/zoom mode
each time I need to make a change to the figure is not convenient.

Here’s the sources:

Currently it supports only subplot() API, similar to the Matplotlib API with the same name,
also it requires quite a lot of a boilerplate code - see or for example.
As a bonus you can add your own buttons to that new toolbar, however my designer skills
are rather poor, so it looks like MS Paint drawing.
If anyone is interested I can extend it to the point where you need only to write
“import vintage” to get the new controls - it will replace several matplotlib functions like pyplot.figure(),
pyplot.subplot() and pyplot.connect() with it’s own handlers, right inside pyplot module namespace.