y label positioning

Thanks John, Well I don't know why I'm not using WXAgg, I'm

    > fairly new to this matplotlib stuff. I'm using wxpython,
    > will wxAgg work with this? Thanks.

Yes, the wx backend is something of a historical artifact. Around
matplotlib-0.50, Perry Greenfield suggested using the antigrain
library as a core image renderer, and transfer this image into the
respective graphical user interfaces. This idea came from Eric Jones
and Chaco. This simplifies development enormously because we don't
have to deal with the idiosyncrasies of all the GUI drawing

The WXAgg backend in general will look a lot better and have more
features than the plain vanilla wx backend. It is slower than we
would like it to be, because we are not using the most efficient
method to transfer the agg canvas to wx, and it doesn't have all the
save formats as wx does. For example, I noticed your attached image
was jpg. wxagg doesn't support jpeg, but uses png instead. This is a
good thing. You will be much happier with your wxagg png images than
you are with wx jpeg images I suspect.