Y axis scaling bug

Paul Barrett wrote:

Yes, I have the same problem with ggv. However, it prints fine on a PS printer, so I think it's ghostview.

Mmh. It still might be worth looking into. Even if it's a ghostview problem, it might be possible to generate 'friendlier' PS code that doesn't kill ghostview so badly. As people start using matplotlib for generating EPS plots which will go into papers, the "if you can't preview it just print it" answer is going to make quite a few unhappy campers, I suspect.

I know it sucks to code around the bugs of other code, but given that ghostview is the near-universally available tool (I checked the problem against RedHat 9, Fedora 1 and Fedora 2), matplotlib might want to bow a bit in this case :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion.