y-axis autoscale problem

I'm using the latest matplotlib with wxPython and

    > the WxAGG backend. I have plotted a figure with 5
    > subplots. I intentionally only plotted the first 10
    > points of all of my data traces so I can simulate the
    > look of real-time data. That is, I keep my xlim set to
    > (now-60, now) for a window showing the last 60 seconds
    > only. For the y-axis, I'd like it to autoscale, but it
    > never does. I've tried calling
    > axes.autoscale_view(scalex=False, scaley=True) for each
    > subplot, but with no effect. For each update, I take each
    > line in each subplot and update the x and y data with
    > set_data(). I just add a few points every few seconds. Am
    > I missing something? Why can't I get the y autoscaling to
    > work? Autoscaling is on by default, and I've called
    > get_autoscale_on() to confirm it.

Are you calling fig.canvas.draw() after the autoscale?

If you are still having troubles, please post a complete example....


Attached is an example. It seems like it autosizes to the initial data and from then on only uses that for autoscale purposes. I only noticed that while making this test app because I let it autoscale the x axis in this one.


autoscale_with_delay.py (7.95 KB)

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