xticks on semilogx zoom problem

I'm a dork. help xticks told me the solution (imagine that)

    > - RTFdocstring.

    > make sure to include xticks([1.75,2.0],['1.75','2.0'])

At first this example confused me, because normally


w/o the labels will do the right thing, ie put labels on 1.75 and
2.0. The reason it doesn't in your example is that you are using a
semilogx plot, and thus the default formatter is
ticker.LogFormatterMathtext , which only places labels on the
decades. This may be considered a bug, wart, or minor annoyance. As
you note, there is an easy workaround.

Alternatively, it might be better to change the formatter when there
is a call to set_ticks just as we currently change the locator

    def set_ticks(self, ticks):
        Set the locations of the tick marks from sequence ticks

        ACCEPTS: sequence of floats
        self.set_major_locator( FixedLocator(ticks) )

        return self.get_major_ticks()