XPDF works but Ghostscript Doesn't for .eps

> No, it is not a known problem. I have never had a problem
> converting an eps to
> pdf, using either setting. Are you using epstopdf? Could you post
> an example,
> something that actually illustrates a problem?

Attached is a folder with testgs.eps, testgs.ps, testxpdf.eps,
testxpdf.ps as well as the pdf files
where successful.
The testgs.eps (for test with ghostscript) does not convert to pdf
using either apple preview or adobe distiller (the adobe log is
It does however convert successfully with epstopdf so there is some
subtle difference.

I'm sorry, I have no idea. I guess you would have to take it up with
ghostscript, that is the program that is producing the file that adobe and
apple preview is having trouble with.

>> In addition when ever I save a .eps file I get the following error
>> even though it creates the file ok
>> : Error: No paper information available - using defaults
>> %%BoundingBox: 78 220 543 561
>> %%HiResBoundingBox: 78.281998 220.589993 542.375983 560.357983
>> Is there a way to fix this?
> Is this with verbose.level set to silent?

No with verbose set to helpful
With it silent only the "

:Error: No paper information..."

  part prints. tthe bounding box part does not
But usually helpful only prints something if there is an error or
warning where as the
bounding box doesn't appear to be either.

Again, this seems like something to take up with ghostscript. Why do they need
to broadcast such a benign warning?

MPL needs to catch the exit status of system calls to ghostscript, which can
only be done across all platforms with os.system and subprocess. Only
subprocess allows you to redirect the stdout and stderr, which is how we
would silence such a message, but subprocess had some problems for us (I dont
remember what) and we had to go back to os.system.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.



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