x and y axis through (0,0)

Thanks for the suggestion I've now got lines through the origin. Do you know of anyway to add tick marks and labels to those lines?


Vidar Gundersen <vidar+list@...599...> 08/22/05 8:52 PM >>>

===== Original message from David Cameron | Mon, 22 Aug 2005:

How can I create a plot with x and y axis (inc ticks and
labels) through the origin (0,0)?

this is very similar to what i wanted to do in a recent
post, see the thread titled "gridlines at 0,0 only",

the short version of it:

   props = dict(color="black", linestyle="--", linewidth=1)
   axvline(x=0, **props)
   axhline(y=0, **props)

thanks for asking, it would be a nice feature to have this
as a stand-alone option for plot() or grid() commands.


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