[wxPython-users] Application Not Terminating

Hi John, These changes to backend_wx(agg).py seem ok to me.

    > Trying to be conservative, I'm not entirely sure whether
    > having the SetExitonFrameDelete() call is necessary (or
    > perhaps more settings for the wxapp should be set....).

    > What's pylab supposed to do in interactive mode if the user
    > closes the plot window after show() but then wants to create
    > and show() another figure? Is pylab supposed to
    > automatically create another window and plot to that new
    > window? This doesn't work for WX.

In interactive mode the user shouldn't call show --
http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/faq.html#SHOW because the figures
will be automatically realized in interactive mode.

Using ipython pylab mode with WX or WXAgg as my default backend,
everything works as expected (eg I can close the window and the next
plot command creates a new one). If you ware testing interactively in
a standard python shell w/o proper threading support for wx, I'm not
sure what will happen but it's not officially a supported mode of
working. Some people do use show in this mode to try and make things
work, but I don't have much experience with it.

I also just tested backend : WX with interactive : True in pycrust and
it also worked (new windows created after close, no use of show)