WXAgg's accelerator requires `wx-config'.

So, it appears this is a problem with CUPS and wxPython. I had never
plugged a printer into this fairly new installation of ubuntu. After
doing so and making sure that cups is running, the IPP error went
away. Thanks for all your hard work Ken. Sorry to put you through so
much trouble for this.



On 10/20/05, Ken McIvor <mcivor@...612...> wrote:

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> I am sorry Ken. That is my fault. I ran the command once in my home
> directory and every other time in a directory that has a matplotlibrc
> file that specifies wxagg. I have been attaching the file from my
> home directory because that is where my email attach file dialog takes
> me first. You are going out of your way to help me and I am making
> hard on you. I am very sorry.

Don't fret, it happens to everyone from time to time.

Based on the strace output, I believe that the warning is getting generated
when trying to start up CUPS (`/etc/cups/client.conf' is opened at line
10484), from within lincups, which is loaded by libgnomeprintcups, which is
loaded by libgnomeprint, which is loaded by wxWidgets, which is loaded by
wxPython (whee!). Do you have a working CUPS installation on your computer?
If that's not the solution, then I don't know what is; try emailing the
wxPython-users list.