wx woes

wx won't start up on my linux machine, running Fedora Core 2 and a compiled-from-source wxPython 2.5.1. There was some incompatability with the new GTK libraries, since the wxPython rpm was comppiled on RH9. I'm guessing the wx backend is having similar troubles, although I compiled it from source, naturally. That's a long compile, BTW!

The wx backend works for me at work, under Server 2003 and the same version of wx. It still leaks, although I upgraded to the .60b installation binary from John's website. Compiling distutil packages under windows is something I've yet to master, whether with the Borland compiler or the (not so new) Visual C++ Tooolkit 2003. Visual Studio just isn't something I can justify, even if the lab would pay for it. Especially with the VC6 vs VC7 funny business. At least Tk stopped leaking!

Since I have a wx that works, its not so bad. I'll still work on the FC2 issues, but I can see about that toolbar addition as well. I should get around to installing windows again at home, I've been putting off an upgrade to XP, and my old win2k pro install is useless, after a mobo upgrade.