writing plain text to multi page pdf

John Hunter <jdh2358@...149...> writes:

This is a tough call. mpk is not so good at multiline text. Maybe
the solution is to make mpl good at multiline text, but I was
wondering if there was an easy way to "dump a paragraph" at the pdf
level, and have it newline separate the text and make it look

Ah, so it's about multiline text. Yes, pdf has a "newline" operator
that could be used to lay out simple paragraphs. I'll take a look later
today to see how complicated it would need to be.

The current interface looks easy enough to use -- it just needs to be
advertised better, eg in a FAQ ( I had to read the source to find it,
which works well enough for me, but not for everyone). If you want to
write one up, I'll add it to the docs.

I seem to recall that the ReST docstring of backend_pdf.PdfPages was
included in the documentation at some point, but it is missing now from
<http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/api/index_backend_api.html&gt;\. Of
course the "backends" chapter may not get read by many users, so there
could be a pointer to it from some suitable place elsewhere in the


Jouni K. Sepp�nen