Window titles

When using the matlab interface (with the default GTK+

    > backend), matlab.title() sets the current axis title, but
    > can you set the window title - it defaults to "Figure 1"?
    > -- Steve

In the matlab interface there is a function called
_get_current_fig_manager, which I didn't intend for public consumption
but perhaps I should remove the leading underscore and make it

The FigureManager class in is used by backend
implementations. For the GTK backend, it contains a window attribute
with is a gtk.Window. You can change the title by doing

  figManager = _get_current_fig_manager()
  figManager.window.set_title('My title')

or call any of the other methods defined for gtk.Window

For the wx backend there is a 'frame' attribute that you can use to
control the wx frame.

In the next release, I'll make a public version of this function.