Wind Barb plots

James Boyle wrote:


This looks really great. It is good to see a meteorological addition.
Way back when I implemented this in GKS, I was tripped up by the fact that the barbs point in the direction of low pressure. This means the side of the shaft that the barbs are on changes in going from the N Hem to S Hem. It was easy to add a switch to make this easy to do but my advisor chastised me for not catching it initially.
I am not a leading edge type so your SVN commit might already account for this.

Does the code allow for projection/transformations to play nice with Jeff's Basemap?

(Bringing this back to the list...)


Thanks. I didn't think to add an option of flipping the barbs, but you're right, I should. I got bit by that quite a few years ago in senior synoptic, so I am oh so familiar with people being stickler's for it. I'll add the option, hopefully in time for the release.

As far as basemap goes, it should play fine. Jeff's added a corresponding barbs method to basemap, so it should all just work. Now making it smart enough to flip just the barbs that are in the S. Hem. is going to take just a little bit of thought to get correct (without having *too* much more code.




Ryan May
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