Win32 python 2.3 and User's Guide

     Since this is in 2.4, I almost want to say we should

    > just point python2.3 users to a download url if there is
    > an error on import. Kinda like IPython does if it can't
    > import readline.

One problem with this approach and the code as it exists is that agg
and ps both import texmanager. If texmanager import fails w/o
subprocess, that means it's an extra headache for people who don't
need texmanager or it's functionality.

So I suggest either we distribute it or reorganize the imports so that
the only people who get a failure are those actually using
texmanager. Heck, if they can get tex installed and working on win32,
I figure they would jump through just about any hoop :slight_smile:
Since we already are distributing it, I'm inclined at this point to
fix the bug and continue with this path.