As for resetting the axes to the original view, redraw would

    >> not have done that. In the next generation toolbar, I might be
    >> able to add a button to support that. It already has a forward
    >> / back button to navigate between previous views.

    > Er, it does? I don't see them, at least not with either
    > the default backend on FC1, which I'm guessing is GTK,
    > nor with the TkAgg one.

Sorry for the confusion - when I sat "it already has...", I'm
referring to the next generation toolbar that is under development in
CVS. Only GTK and GTKAgg have a prototype version of the new toolbar
in CVS.

For the record, the default backend in the src distributions (*.tar.gz
and *.zip) is GTKAgg. For win32, the default backend in TkAgg.

    > Incidentally, the on line .matplotlibrc example file
    > still has the "toolbar" keyword, which is gone, and is
    > missing the "datapath" one.

Which rc file are you referring to? There is no reference to the
toolbar option in the 0.60.2 release, though it is in CVS and on the
web (should fix that one, though it is listed as experimental). The
datapath was intentionally omitted - it exists for those who want use
it to set the data path but for most users the default is OK. I just
changed this in my dev tree to include a commented out reference to it
to alert users that it is there.



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