Why Matplotlib gui under windows 10 64 have poor performance?

Hello. When I plot some images in gui window, it have very poor performance for interactions(resize the window, zoom image, etc…). May some one help me to fix this issue?

    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    import matplotlib.image as img

    img = img.imread("flower.jpg")

    fig, ((axs1, axs2), (axs3, axs4)) = plt.subplots(2, 2)

    red = img[:, :, 0]
    axs1.set_title('Red Channel')

    axs2.hist(red.ravel(), bins=256, range=(0.0, 255.0), fc='k', ec='k')
    axs2.set_title("Red Channel Histogram")

    green = img[:, :, 1]
    axs3.set_title("Green Channel")

    axs4.hist(green.ravel(), bins=256, range=(0.0, 255), fc='k', ec='k')
    axs4.set_title("Green Channel Histrogram")


Does in depend on the GUI backend that you are using?