white area around plots

Hi all,

how can I reduce the white area around the plots (several subplots) with legends outside to the right of the axes when saving it to a png-file?

pyplot.savefig('test2.png',bbox_inches='tight') shrinks the paper to axes size but cuts the legend.

Thanks in advance

Mario Mech


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The svn version has a new keyword "bbox_extra_artists", which could be used.
But, there is no easy way for the released version of matplotlib.

Below is a workaround you may use, but it's a bit complicated.



fig = figure(1)
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
l1, = ax.plot([1,2,3])
leg = figlegend([l1], ["test"], 1)

def get_tightbbox(renderer):
    from matplotlib.transforms import Bbox, TransformedBbox, Affine2D

    bb = []

    # add fig legend

    for ax in fig.axes:
        if ax.get_visible():

    _bbox = Bbox.union([b for b in bb if b.width!=0 or b.height!=0])

    bbox_inches = TransformedBbox(_bbox,

    return bbox_inches

fig.get_tightbbox = get_tightbbox