What kind of chart should I use?

Hi list,

I have a set of time series data which is year's worth of wind speed at a particular place (one data point per minute). I want to see how wind speed spreads throughout the day. I can do a scatter char with 24 hours of the day vs wind speed but then I end up with something that's not too useful (too many data points). What's more interesting is to present the data as a time / wind speed / frequency plot.

The kind of plot shown in image_interp.py looks interesting. Is there a way to combine the capability of plot_date and imshow? If so, may be I can have hour of the day vs wind-speed with the color be a function of the data frequency.



John Henry

It sounds like you want a 2-d histogram: i.e. bins for each time and
speed-range combination.

I'm not sure how to plot that as a 3-d plot, but contouring it might
work OK.



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