Weird y-axis in plot

I'm finding some really weird behavior in matplotlib that I

    > just can't figure out.

    > When I plot out the following short script:

    >>>> from pylab import * y =
    >>>> [-48.0694,-48.0754,-48.0772,-48.0781,-48.0782,-48.0781,
    > -48.0772,-48.0720]
    >>>> plot(y) savefig('bs.png')

    > I get a y-axis that goes from -10 to 0, instead of -48.0782
    > - -48.0694. And in the upper left hand corner of the plot I
    > see the string "x1e-3-4.8069e1".

This is mostly a feature and not a bug :-). See
examples/ for the range of pathalogical
cases the exponential formatting with offsets was designed to solve.
But it can be annoying as I've discovered in some recent plots..

Darren, I think the new scalar formatter kicks in too early some
times, and it might be nice to be able to control this, eg with an rc
setting. Ie, one might want to say for certain scripts, fall over to
exponential / offset formatting for decades on the order of 1e4 or 1e6
or 1e10. Would it be easy to add such a configuration parameter to
the ScalarFormatter?

Rick; note that you can override the default tick formatter (see the
matplotlib.ticker class docs at and the relevant
chapter of the users guide and the major_minor_*.py demos in the
examples subdirectory) but one wants it to "just work" (TM) more