Wednesday minor rev bump?

Are they any lingering issues that would prevent a Wednesday minor rev
bump for the latest numpy? Ideally it would last through the numpy
1.0 release.

- Charlie


On 8/7/06, Christopher Barker <Chris.Barker@...236...> wrote:

Darren Dale wrote:
> On Monday 07 August 2006 08:55, Charlie Moad wrote:
> Pushing a
>> release now for 1.0 might be pointless, since the C-api could possibly
>> change and break compatibility again. After all, it still is a beta.

> I wonder how long we should continue to hold off on a new release. As I said
> in a previous email, Travis does not foresee changes to the C API before
> numpy-1.1 (although he doesn't rule them out). Besides, several bug fixes and
> new features have been added since 0.87.4.

Isn't the "current" version using numpy 0.9.8? No matter, they are ALL
beta, (or alpha), so there is no reason to stick with any particular one.

1.0b seems to be the least buggy and most future-proof (which, of
course, doesn't mean that much) at the moment, so I say we do it.

Charlie, can you do OS-X? I still don't have my build environment set up
quite right, and you beat me to it last time. We'll need to put a new
numpy mpkg on at the same time. I'd be glad to do that, if
it helps, but I need to make sure we use the same version.