waiting on a point

I'm writing a program with a graph. You have to select segments of the
graph, which requires 2 points.

is there a way to write this with a while loop, where

while(morepoints == "yes")
    while(waiting on point 1)
        check if point 1 is a good point
        if point 1 is good
            break from while
    while(waiting on point 2)
        check if point 2 is a good point
        if point 2 is good
            break from while
    ask user if they want more points
    if yes break from while

working with widgets is new to me and im used to working with while loops
and what not. I've been just checking to see if i have 0 or 1 points in
the on_point wxmpl code, and then if i have 1 and the next point is good
opening a dialog to ask and then resetting number of pionts to 0.

anyone have any better ideas of how to do this? the amount of
"global"/"self.points" variables is driving me nuts