waitfor/uiwait for "show figure -> wait until figure is closed -> show next figure -> wait until figure is closed -> ..."?


basically I'm looking for something like 'waitfor' or 'uiwait' from the Matlab.

I want to achieve is the following behavior:

- show a figure with several subplot/images to the user
- let the user click on some stuff to get coordinates, handles, ...
- wait until the user has closed the window
- based on the returned data, show a new figure and let the user select some more stuff
- repeat

What is the best way to do something similar in matplotlib?

I tried to use pylab.show() several times in the same script but then soon found out that this is not recommend / does not work.

Right now a combination of ion() and waitforbuttonpress seems to be the only way to achieve something similar to what i want to do, but i was wondering if there are other ways.

Any ideas?