Hey List,

I've got some verts I stole from the internet that draws an upward arrow (or a down arrow), but I need to draw an arrow to the right or to the left. But I don't really understand verts and how they work.

arrowup_verts = [[0.,0.], [-1., -1], [0.,0.], [0.,-2.],[0.,0.], [1,-1]]
arrowdown_verts = [[0.,0.], [-1., 1], [0.,0.], [0.,2.],[0.,0.], [1, 1]]

plot them like...

scatter(1,1,s=100, marker=None, verts=arrowup_verts)

Can someone make me new verts for the right and left arrow? Then, maybe tomorrow, explain how I was supposed to know what to do.

Thanks y'all




Steven Boada

Doctoral Student
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
Texas A&M University