vector EPS

I'm sorry, I'm not an expert in eps-graphics. For me the final pics
look good and I have no idea what is different between matplotlib
eps-files and eps-files generated somewhere else.

Based exclusively on the eps you posted in this thread, MPL took a ttf
font (Bitstream Vera Sans) and created a PostSctipt Type3 font from it,
rather than embedding the original font as a Type42 font. It is still
a vector font, but one which only PS interpreters can rasterize.

The OP's downstream seems to want the fonts to be in a format (such as
Type1, TTF (which is embedded in PostScipt as Type42) or CFF (which is
converted to Type1 when embedded in PostScript)) which their tools can
understand, replace, et cetera.

If one were to edit the eps in a text editor, and replace the Type3 w/
a Type42 of the original TTF, I suspect the OP's downstream might find
the eps more to its liking.

Ttftotype42 from <; can convert TTF to Type42.



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Matplotlib will output Type 42 fonts if the rcParam "ps.fonttype" is set to 42. Type 3 is the default because it greatly reduces filesize (it embeds only a subset of the font), particularly with large Unicode fonts like Vera Sans.