v2.0.0b1 release


We tagged the first beta for v2.0.0 last week and I sent the announcement
to the old user mailing list instead of the new one (sorry about that and
sorry to those of you getting this twice).

Please check out the new defaults!

This is tagged as a beta because we anticipate a longer than normal release
cycle. The style changes are substantial and we want to make sure that we
have not crippled any common use cases. The target for the final release
around scipy.

A build of the docs is available at http://matplotlib.org/2.0.0b1

Preview packages are available via conda:

conda install -c conda-forge/label/rc -c conda-forge matplotlib

or pypi

python -m pip install --upgrade pip # upgrade pip to latest
pip install --pre matplotlib

Brief release notes:

This previews the new default style and many bug-fixes. A full list of
the style changes will be collected for the final release.

In addition to the style change this release includes:
- overhaul of font handling/text rendering to be faster and clearer
- many new rcParams
- Agg based OSX backend
- optionally deterministic SVGs
- complete re-write of image handling code
- simplified color conversion
- specify colors in the global property cycle via `'C0'`,
   `'C1'`... `'C9'`
- use the global property cycle more places (bar, stem, scatter)

There is a 'classic' style sheet which reproduces the 1.Y defaults:

   import matplotlib.style as mstyle

A big thank you to everyone who worked on this release.

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