v1.1.1rc2 tarballs are up

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> By the way: I installed ghostscript from source and Inkscape
> application from binary. More tests pass, but many still show K. My
> guess is that matplotlib can see ghostscript but not the Inkscape
> application (no surprise). Inkscape has too many dependencies for me
> to want to try to build it from source.

The following should help matplotlib find Inkscape:

PATH=$PATH:/Applications/Inkscape.app/Contents/Resources/bin \
    python -c 'import matplotlib; matplotlib.test(1)'

Yes, thanks. I figured that out this morning and reran the tests for the
64-bit matplotlib on 10.7. Almost everything passes now. Just a few K
and one actual failure that appears to be nothing to worry about (though
a failing unit test is always worrisome.

I'm still wondering how I managed to build a binary installer that
installed the test packages on 10.7 and failed to install them on 10.6,
but I don't have time to investigate.

-- Russell


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