v1.0.x branch seems confused

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 17:48:55 -0400, Darren Dale wrote:

* "git reset --hard 0e6dad5230"
* redo pull request 103
* cherry-pick the following commits off of the v1.0.x branch:
  - 069c21d
  - 53f8139e
  - de18d9ab2
  - 91e7d980
  - 0cc213b4fa
  - e7f1e83ace
  - 5c968a0ecdd

That should bring the v1.0.x-cleanup branch back to where we thought it
would be. I'll post the result in my fork as soon as it is ready, and
request comment. At that point, we should decide if we want to rename it
v1.0.x and force push, or rename it v1.0.x-maint (or whatever) and
delete the current v1.0.x branch.

Pauli, Jouni, any comments?

Seems OK to me.