v0.98 comments


I'm not a regular 0.98 user right now (using debian stable 0.91 or similar in a python app) but was investigating the new documentation at http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/doc/html/index.html and noticed a few things (typos?) which I wanted to check. It does look good - ReST?

- in artists.html, an 'ax' variable is first created, then after "Continuing with our example:" the plot command is run on 'ax1' (bug/typo?)
- just after this, there is "it creates a Line2D instance and adds it the the Axes.lines list." (typo? 'to the'?)

Lastly, has anyone checked whether 0.98 still has the 'down key' bug for key-press events? (is there a bugzilla/tracker?)



Neil Pilgrim