using matplotlib

Hello everybody,

I am new to this list and to the world of python, so I face some questions, which are hopefully difficult to me only.
I use python2.3.4 and want to install matplotlib. I build all the necessary packages (which were quite a lot) and finally, it seems to work.

import matplotlib does not produce any errors, though
import matplotlib.matlab does:

No module named pygtk
PyGTK version 1.99.16 or greater is required to run the GTK Matplotlib backends

But I have installed pygtk in the version2.4.1 without any errors and indeed

import pygtk

works without error. What am I doing wrong? I spend a lot of time to come to this point, but now I am running out of ideas. Can anyone help me?

ps: I tried to install wxPython in the first place, but the make-command always terminates, because it has some problems with finding files in .../mac/ogl/... something, so I decided to switch to the GTK-backend...