using different font families with?LaTeX-generated text

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> I didn't realize that!
> Apologies for being ignorant here.

No worries, here's a concrete example for selecting Helvetica (and
commented out, Palatino) as default fonts:

    from matplotlib.pylab import *
    from numpy import *
    rc('text', usetex=True)

Note that I've had problems with font-changes being ignored by latex in
some version of matplotlib, but not the latest 0.9 -- if in doubt
``rm -r ~/.matplotlib/*cache`` and see whether that fixes things.

You should also make your rc changes before importing pylab.

OK, I think it's rather important to ntoe that on the tutorial. I'll do so

That might be considered a bug, and would take some work to fix.

I've really got to run now but I might look into submitting a patch later; I
think it should'n be that hard: make TexManager._font_config a property that
on setting remembers the contents of the rcParams that are relevant to it and
on accessing reinits itself if it finds they've changed. Does that sound
plausbile to you?

I've added these two things to


Hope that's OK, otherwise please revert.

Would you mind changing it to use the rcParams dict instead of the rc
function? It is clearer that way.

I'd be happy to, but I don't quite understand: Should I also change the other
uses of rc on the page to rcParams? Isn't using rc equivalent except that it
also performs some error checking and alias conversion? Why is it better to
modify rcParams directly?




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