using different font families with?LaTeX-generated text

"George Nurser" <gnurser@...982...> writes:

Published figures will generally be embedded in text that is Times/
Palatino etc.
Computer Modern doesn't look right inside such text.

If it were possible to allow use of the other font packages, it would
be very useful.

It already is, see e.g.


from the file here are the mappings for the supported font

    font_info = {'new century schoolbook': ('pnc',
                'bookman': ('pbk', r'\renewcommand{\rmdefault}{pbk}'),
                'times': ('ptm', r'\usepackage{mathptmx}'),
                'palatino': ('ppl', r'\usepackage{mathpazo}'),
                'zapf chancery': ('pzc', r'\usepackage{chancery}'),
                'charter': ('pch', r'\usepackage{charter}'),
                'serif': ('cmr', ''),
                'sans-serif': ('cmss', ''),
                'helvetica': ('phv', r'\usepackage{helvet}'),
                'avant garde': ('pag', r'\usepackage{avant}'),
                'courier': ('pcr', r'\usepackage{courier}'),
                'monospace': ('cmtt', ''),
                'computer modern roman': ('cmr', ''),
                'computer modern sans serif': ('cmss', ''),
                'computer modern typewriter': ('cmtt', '')}



I didn't realize that!
Apologies for being ignorant here.

-- George Nurser.