users guide figure 2.15

is the script that were used to create figure 2.15 in the

    > matplotlib Users Guide 0.80 (.pdf) available as source
    > code?

This example was provided by Bogdan Marinescu in a wx app

Here is a simplified, pylab version

    from pylab import subplot, sin, pi, arange, set, show
    ax = subplot(111)
    t = arange(0.0,3.0,0.01)
    s = sin(2*pi*t)
    c = sin(4*pi*t)

    p = ax.fill(t,s,'b',t,c,'g')
    set(p, alpha=0.2)
    ax.vlines( [1.5], -1.0, 1.0 )

Amazing so few lines produce such a cool looking figure, no?