use 'WX' ignored

Python 2.3.4 on XP , latest matplotlib The use 'WX'

    > command is being ignored and the examples always come up
    > in Tkinter. Funny thing is, before the latest XP install
    > it used to work as advertized (same versions of
    > everything). Also, matplotlib.get_backend() reports
    > correctly before and after the use command (tkagg before,
    > wx after), and the commandline -dWX works, though
    > sometimes incredibly slowly (for "tale of two subplots").
    > I've tried the wxpython embedding program using 2 splitter
    > windows in a recent mail thread, and that works, too.

    > Any ideas or ways to debug this ?

I assume you are using use *before* you import matplotlib.matlab? Eg

import matplotlib
import matplotlib.matlab ...

ANd you are running your script from the shell. In an IDE, if
matplotlib.matlab has already been imported, and you rerun your script
from the IDE, your 'use' calls will be w/o effect. Thus it's
important to test from a shell (tough on win32, I know), or double
click the script to insure a new python interpreter.

I'm on the road en route to the SciPy conference, so will be mostly
out of touch for a few days....

Hope this helps,