updates to developer list

Periodically I go through the developer list and prune developers who
haven't made a commit in the last year, and was just reminded to do
this when I added David. This keeps the developers list down to a
reasonable size and makes it accurately reflect those who are
currently developing mpl. This is just a by-the-numbers decision,
we'd love to have any and all of you back, and I will be happy to
readd anyone who needs or wants to make commits, so just email me.
The user name and last commit date of those removed are listed below:

  edin1 2007-07-16
  kmcivor 2007-07-06
  stevech 2007-07-08
  teoliphant 2007-04-05

For the record books, here is the script I use to parse the svn logs:

import matplotlib.cbook as cbook

todate = cbook.todate('%Y-%m-%d')


last = dict()
for commit in file('log.out').read().split(border):
    if not commit.strip():
    lines = commit.split('\n')
    line = lines[1]
    parts = [p.strip() for p in line.split('|')]
    user = parts[1]
    date = todate(parts[2][:10])
    if user not in last:
        last[user] = date

dsu = [(date, user) for user, date in last.items()]
for date, user in dsu:
    print user, date