updated version of the PS backend

Hello John,

    >> One other PS quasi-bug you may want to be aware of is the way
    >> truetype fonts are embedded. The basic problem is that Paul
    >> couldn't find a way to access the individual glyph information
    >> so ended up having to embed the entire font. ...
    > Yes, I know about this. Let's see whether I can do
    > anything ...

    > It would also be nice if I could find a way to use the
    > printer's built-in fonts if the user wants to. This
    > should lead to really small PostScript files and really
    > high quality printed glyphs.

This is effectively what we were doing before we started embedding PS
fonts in matplotlib (0.61 I believe). So you can check out a CVS
version prior to that and take a look. It might be nice to support
this as an rc option, to use afm fonts. matplotlib has an afm parser
and ships with the standard afm files.



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