updated Ubuntu Dapper packages for numpy, matplotlib, and scipy online

I have updated the apt repository I maintain for Ubuntu's Dapper, which
now includes:


Each package is from a recent SVN checkout and should thus be regarded
as "bleeding edge". The repository has a new URL:
http://debs.astraw.com/dapper/ I intend to keep this repository online
for an extended duration. If you want to put this repository in your
sources list, you need to add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list::
deb http://debs.astraw.com/ dapper/
deb-src http://debs.astraw.com/ dapper/

I have not yet investigated the use of ATLAS in building or using the
numpy binaries, and if performance is critical for you, please evaluate
speed before using it. I intend to visit this issue, but I cannot say when.

The Debian source packages were generated using stdeb, [
http://stdeb.python-hosting.com/ ] a Python to Debian source package
conversion utility I wrote. stdeb does not build packages that follow
the Debian Python Policy, so the packages here may be slighly unusual
compared to Python packages in the official Debian or Ubuntu
repositiories. For example, example scripts do not get installed, and no
documentation is installed. Future releases of stdeb may resolve these

As always, feedback is very appreciated.