update x axis of a subplot according to the y axis of another one in python/matplotlib

Hello Benjamin,


last weekend (after more than
a year… )
I found some spare time to refactor a bit the solution I
implemented to solve the axis synchronisation.
I have answered my own question on stackoverflow ()
and I have shared on github ()
a simple class that allows to easily make orthogonal projections
plots with full axis syncronisation and support for different
basic plot types.
Thanks again for the hint and sorry for the delay…


      On 12/02/2015 19:58, Alessandro

Pietro Bardelli wrote:

thanks for your answer.

      I have played a bit with the callbacks and seems very


      i'll work on it in the weekend and drop an email as soon as I

have tested it properly :slight_smile:

      thanks again

        On 12/02/2015 15:35, Benjamin

Root wrote:

                  Sharing the same axis across subplots is

implemented via matplotlib’s interactive
framework, and is available by default. Glue is
built on top of matplotlib, extending its
interactive framework with many additional tools.
Yes, it might be overkill for this singular task,
but implementing orthogonal axis sharing isn’t
trivial, either, so suggesting a pre-packaged
solution is merely pragmatic.

                Essentially, one would have to register callbacks

for changes in each of the parent subplot’s axis.
This, in of itself, isn’t really all that difficult
once one learns the event framework. I think what
might be very tricky is doing it for the 3d axes. As
the de facto maintainer of mplot3d, I have never
really tested axis sharing for mplot3d. I suspect
that it would work exactly as you’d expect for the x
and y axes, but the z axis may prove to be quirky. I
don’t know, I haven’t ever tried it out. In general,
the z-axis implementation is a bit of a kludge, so
things tend to be different for it…

              Here is an example of how to register callbacks to

changes in a particular axis. Hopefully, it can give
you a nice leg up on the problem. Let me know if you
have problems with the z-axis, I might be able to help
sort it out. If you can get this to work, I would
certainly love to include it in the gallery.



Ben Root

            On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 4:32 AM,

Alessandro Pietro Bardelli <>

                Thanks for the


                Glue seems a quite cool project but it is also a bit

overkill for this specific task, isn’t it?

                Basically I just would like tell sharex to point the

Yaxis of the axes object.

                Isn't there a way to do this within matplotlib?



On 11/02/2015 16:41, Benjamin Root wrote:

                        Sounds to me like you want to

use glue: http://www.glueviz.org/en/stable/

                          On Wed, Feb 11,

2015 at 3:15 AM, Alessandro Pietro
Bardelli <>

                                  I would like to plot an

orthogonal projection (like this
one )
using matplotlib possibly
including also the 3D subplot. All
the pictures should share common

fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(221, title="XZ")
bx = fig.add_subplot(222, title="YZ", sharey=ax)
cx = fig.add_subplot(223, title="XY", sharex=ax, sharey=[something like bx.Xaxis])
dx = fig.add_subplot(224, title="XYZ", projection="3d", sharex=ax, sharey=bx, sharez=[something like bx.Yaxis]
                                  The problem is that I have to

“link” on X axis of a plot with
the Y one of another and
Is there a way to accomplish this?



                                  p.s. i have posted this question

also on StackOverflow:

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