update to: I can not get matplotlib to work on a windows xp professional machine

John, Thanks for your help! I edited the path and the

    > dlls are found ok. I still get the message: It still
    > gets an error stating the procedure entry point
    > g_assert_warning could not be located in the dynamic
    > link library libglib-2.0-0.dll. After I click ok on the
    > error message the last line of the dump is displayed
    > before it returns to the command line. Any ideas?
    > Regards Gary

You might want to grab "Dependency Walker" and load the gobject.dll
file that is failing. It will tell you what it is trying to link to
and why it is failing. Did you add the bin and lib subdirs of the GTK
install tree to your PATH? If there are spaces in the install path,
it can be tricky to get right on win32.

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