Unwanted base layout changes after updating to newer version

I’ve been working on a project while using matplotlib 3.4.3 and am trying to update to 3.5.3, but something fundamental is changing about how my plots look after I update. They are being scaled up and the text properties are being messed with. The scaling is around 1.1x larger and gets very messed up upon re-embedding. I also have no idea what’s going on with the text. Anyone know what’s going on here/how I can fix it?



What is the dpi ratio of your screen/monitor. This is usually a system setting of some kind.

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Yup this seems to have been the case. I’m on win10 so the solution was to set the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items.” to 100% in settings>display>scale and layout. Wonder if maybe that setting wasn’t taken into account in older versions of matplotlib (or something to that effect) but is in newer versions?

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Likely caused by What's new in Matplotlib 3.5.0 (Nov 15, 2021) — Matplotlib 3.5.3 documentation

I have a suspicion that this is related to Matplotlib being high-dpi aware but your application may not be so there is a disagreement about how big (in pixels) Matplotlib should render at.