units support

The public layer would just do conversions and then pass through to the
private layer. Any code in the public layer would have to concern itself
with possible different types (numpy vs lists, units vs floats, color names
vs rgb). Any code written in the private layer could be assured of having
some specific input types and would be much easier to write.

Keep in mind that public units need to be tied to font in order
to get nice looking results. I commented on this earlier:


I'm not sure all the necessary information to transform to pixels will
be available at the time the units are parsed, and we may need to carry
them into the private layer.

Of course this would be a lot work and would require refactoring axis and
maybe some of the collections. In theory it should be possible, but only
you guys can decide if it's actually worthwhile or not.

One of the things I miss from Tcl/Tk is the ability to use units
on values. The link above shows that you can simulate units from
outside, but the code is ugly.

   - Paul


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