unicode encoding support

Jean-Michel> Yes I have but was a little bit disappointed since
    Jean-Michel> this nested expression fails (matplotlib 0.72):

    Jean-Michel> \rm{\acute{e}}

This was a parser bug in mathtext which is fixed in CVS. Be sure and
let me know when you encounter these kinds of problems since they are
usually easy to fix

While I was at it, I also implemented unicode support for the *Agg and
PS backends :slight_smile: If you have access to CVS, you may want to give it a
test drive. See examples/unicode_demo.py. CVS mirrors may lag.

    Jean-Michel> Believe me I would really be glad to participate to
    Jean-Michel> the matplotlib source code. Unfortunately I don't
    Jean-Michel> think I have the required skills (unless you know
    Jean-Michel> some introducing pages that could change my opinion?)
    Jean-Michel> and my company - a research centre - isn't mature
    Jean-Michel> enough to let us participate to open source :-(. It
    Jean-Michel> is even hard to make people accept open source
    Jean-Michel> software for everyday use... They don't feel secure
    Jean-Michel> if do not pay for!

If they are looking for someone to pay.... :slight_smile: