unicode encoding support

jdhunter@...4... a �crit :

We are in favor of unicode support in agg, we just haven't had the
time, knowledge or man-power to do it. fonts are hard, as you
probably know, and we have to figure out the right handling in
freetype and the ft2font wrapper, in the pycxx extension generating
code, and in the font manager. All manageable, but tough.

It sounds good and I know this is a hard job even if I have no idea of how things get work in matplotlib! Having unicode without Agg is already great to me.

Have you seen the accented character demo?


Yes I have but was a little bit disappointed since this nested expression fails (matplotlib 0.72):


Hopefully, someone (maybe you <wink>) will find the time to tackle
unicode support for ft2font, font_manager, and backend_agg in the


Believe me I would really be glad to participate to the matplotlib source code. Unfortunately I don't think I have the required skills (unless you know some introducing pages that could change my opinion?) and my company - a research centre - isn't mature enough to let us participate to open source :-(. It is even hard to make people accept open source software for everyday use... They don't feel secure if do not pay for!

JM. Philippe