unicode encoding support


Does anyone know why Agg backend does not support non-ASCII chars? I think many non-English speaking users would really appreciate to be able to use their full alphabet in graphics :wink: while taking advantage of the great Agg technique.

JM. Philippe

ondrej.certik@...287... a �crit :


in case someone has the same problem as me -- to display accented
letters in matplotlib -- this is how to do it:

#! /usr/bin/python
# -*- coding: iso-8859-2; -*-

import matplotlib
from pylab import *
title(u'some accented letters: ��������������������')

Important is "use('GTK')" (Agg backend only shows rectangles instead of
accented letters) and "title(u'some..." (the "u" -- without it it
doesn't work either).

You can save the figure to *.png, unfortunately saving to *.eps or *.ps
doesn't work (even using different backend).

Ondrej Certik