Unable to manipulate tick labels Basemap

I want to change the size of the lat/lon labels on a Basemap map, and from the documentation, it seems like this ought to be possible using drawparallels() and drawmeridians() with a keword argument, e.g.:

linmap.drawparallels(range(-90,90,30), labels=[1,0,0,1], fontsize=‘x-small’)

but that doesn’t have any effect. I’ve also tried size=‘x-small’ and size/fontsize=9 and none of them seem to do anything. I also can’t seem to obtain lists of ticklabels from the Axes instance that the map is inside of, to change their sizes. On normal (non-Basemap) figures, I can do something like:

for ticklabel in ax.get_xticklabels():


to re-size them after the fact, but on the Basemap axes, get_xticklabels() returns a zero length list.

Does anybody know where are these things hiding?




Zane Selvans

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