Unable to import matplotlib.pylab in Windows

Hi, all.

I am unable to import matplotlib.pylab.

When I run the following command:
python -c "import matplotlib.pylab"
the application crashes with a windows error message.

Running with the -v option shows that the application crashes at the following stage:
import matplotlib.transforms

From previous posts on this mailing list, others have encountered similar (but perhaps not quite the same?) problems. I followed some of the advice and downloaded the dependency walker software from http://www.dependencywalker.com. Dependency Walker says that the following DLLs are missing for _path.pyd:


(Indeed I tried many .pyd files from C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib and all of them gave similar error messages.)

Any idea how I can get these DLLs (they aren't in C:\Windows\System32) or, indeed, whether this is the actual solution to the problem?

I have the following versions:

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Python 2.6
Matplotlib 0.99.1

Python and Matplotlib were binaries downloaded from sourceforge.net.