typecode() in mlab.cohere_pairs


I'm stumbling (=getting an error) over the fact that cohere_pairs in the
mlab module makes use of an unknown typecode() function. I'm guessing
that typecode(X) comes from the pre-numpy era, and maybe it should be
X.dtype or X.dtype.char or whatever.

Is this a known bug, is it a bug at all, or what's happening?

oh, I'm using a standard package setup on current Ubuntu 8.10, so in
particular this should mean mpl version 0.98.3 and numpy 1.1.1. But I
have checked the bleeding edge mlab in svn and at least the typecode(X)
thing appears to be still there.


(it would be very nice if you cc me in this thread, but of course I
understand if the list's settings might make it impractical)