two y axes via twinx and legends


This mailing list is great---I've gotten a couple very useful replies from others in a very short time period. Thanks!

And now, onto my next question. I need to construct a two-y-axis plot. I've found some hints on how to do this on the mailing archive (Subject: secondary y-axis, Date: 9/28/05).

I've got the basics working, but have run into the same problem this prior post did: I want a legend that lists content from both the "left-hand-sided" plots and the "right-hand-sided" ones.

It appears only one axis or the others data can appear in a legend.

Is there anyway to merge the two axes into a single legend?

Also, the mail archives I'm viewing look terrible: line breaks aren't in the usual place, things are presented with >'s in them (which would make sense if the line breaks were preserved, b/c they correspond to pieces of prior email content). I'm using Safari 2.0.4 w/Mac OS X 10.4.8. Do others see the same thing, and if the answer is yes, are folks satisfied with this state of affairs?